Bring out the queen inside you #Mother's Day

May 13, 2018 1 min read

Bring out the queen inside you  #Mother's Day

There isn't a better day than Mother's day to remember, to remember that we are living in an age of women empowerment. Today with women working shoulder to shoulder with men in all spheres, we profess an independent outlook. We are increasingly gaining control over our lives and taking our own decisions with regard to our education, career, profession, and lifestyle.


It's simply our benefit… It adds to our self-esteem, we get a distinct identity, we gain positions of respect, we are financially independent & we make meaningful contributions.

Never forget, there is a queen in all of us… A beautiful strong queen that's just waiting for her chances to pop up as much as she can :)

To celebrate that queen on this special day, and to drive a little more motivation into her… check out our royal picks…


                Juliet velvet turban                                Eva luxury turban



         Katrina elegant head wrap                              Hadeal Headscarf



                  Taylor luxury hat                                      Sally luxury hat



If you bombed into other items you think they are sooooo royal that they should be here... leave us a message, we'de LOVE to know :)


Happy Mother's Day! 

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