Shipping & Delivery

As a leading global online retailer, Modest Fashion Mall ship orders daily all over the world.


Most of the items will ship out within 5-7 business days due to processing time. Need urgently or other issues, you can get help from our Support team.


We offer free shipping worldwide. Yes, you read that right.
Please notice that shipping time varies from each country. The time it takes for these orders to arrive varies depending on your location, and how quick your local postal service is.


Shipping method

Estimated shipping time


E packet

12-25 business days

Rest of the world

Standard shipping

15-35 business days

These timeframes are provided as a guide and can differ due to customs issues, special events, and circumstances. We recommend using the tracking information when available, to make sure your order is delivered successfully. 


For any further information on carriers, shipping times and tracking information please feel free to submit a request with our customer support team

If there are any issues regarding the shipping of your order, please submit a request with our team.