Modest Fashion Mall dives underwater

July 23, 2018 2 min read

Modest Fashion Mall dives underwater

Hi ladies :)

Needless to say, we LOVE our customers... all of them!

But from time to time a very special and unusual customer comes across and manage to surprise us big time and leave people in the whole office with a "WOW" effect... a customer that becomes that talk of the day in the office corridors... and basically, makes us think differently and in a new way on our own products that we know so well and love... a customer that enlightens us...

This time it was the lovely Mary Durante Youtt, after we received a very unique feedback from Mary, we discovered that she is a super talented photographer and that she used our turbans in her last shooting.

We asked her nicely to share with us the outcome that just left us stunned and filled us with joy. Gladly, she allowed us to share it with you ladies :)

So please welcome Mary's photos:

Metallic god turban modest fashion mall headwraps head covers chemo

Bika yellow turban modest fashion mall headwraps head covers chemo

Thank you for the inspiration Mary 🌟

Here are few words that Mary sent us:

"As an underwater photographer, I am always looking for unique apparel and had come across Modest Fashion Mall on Facebook.  I knew that I had to place an order immediately.  
The moment the turbans arrived, my excitement grew. I was not disappointed. They were perfect. 
I always thought that hats made a fashion statement and are wonderful accessories for any outfit and occasion."
Photographer: Mary Durante-Youtt
Model in Bika yellow turban: Stacey Weckstein
Makeup artist for Stacey: Kim Gainer. Http://
Model in gold metallic:  Diane Rose Quail
Of course, both items are available:
Metallic turban -> Click here to visit item
Bika turban -> Click here to visit item
Until next time,
Enjoy and get creative :)



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