3 Super Easy Hacks For A Bad Hair Day

August 31, 2019 2 min read

3 Super Easy Hacks For A Bad Hair Day


Bad hair days can happen to the best of us. 

There are days you wake up with hair that looks perfect.

There are also days when your hair looks like your worst enemy and refuses to co-operate with you.

All efforts to tame your hair seem to be a waste. 

I hate bad hair days and worse still, they always seem to happen at the worst times!

Those days are almost like the zit that appears out of nowhere just in time for an interview, a date or a big presentation. They can make you feel like your day is already starting off on the wrong note.

It could be the rain giving you unruly curls or humidity making it a frizzy mess. Oh, and if shampooing isn’t an option, it gets worse.

On days like these, we need a few hair tricks up our sleeves. Knowing a few of these hair hacks can save your hair…and even your day.

So let’s take a look at 3 super easy hacks for bad hair days!


1. Try Hair Conditioning First

Don’t give up on your hair just yet. Use a leave-in hair conditioner to bounce your hair back to life. A good leave in conditioner will add volume and moisture to your hair, and also give your hair a bouncy look. It can take 20-30 minutes to dry so I like using it before I start the rest of my makeup routine. That way, it's completely dry by the time I leave the house.

You can find recommendations for leave-in hair conditioners on YouTube from beauty blogger Felicia Mesadieu here


2. Braid your Hair Out

A simple and elegant slicked-back braid can do the trick for days when your hair fights every effort to be managed. It’s the perfect style to experiment to give you a switch from your regular everyday look. There are so many braided styles you can explore. This is a go-to hairstyle for days when you want to look chic with minimal effort.



3. Get a Head Wrap or Turban!

No matter how your hair may be behaving, you can be stylish with a turban or head wrap!

Turbans and head wraps are a quick go-to when you are having a bad hair day.

They can give you an amazing look irrespective of the condition of your hair. You can tie a head wrap and choose to let loose some of your hair or tuck all your hair away. Either ways, they sure add a lot of sass to your look and look very stylish.

If you’d rather not waste time tying a head wrap around your head, that's no trouble either. A ready-to-wear turban/head wrap (check out the range here) is the answer. Just line up the front with your head and slide it on, and in under 30 seconds you're good to go. 


So, ladies, fret not. A bad hair day is not a valid excuse to call in sick. Whether you’re struggling with frizz, grease or unruly curls, try out these hacks and say goodbye to bad hair days.


Mayowa O.

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