Sick of Tying your Head Wrap? You NEED this Hack

September 01, 2019 2 min read

Sick of Tying your Head Wrap? You NEED this Hack

Let me ask you a many times have you searched on the web “how to tie a head wrap”?

Or maybe you’ve watched several videos on YouTube. If you’ve ever tried to follow a YouTube tutorial on how to tie a head wrap and failed miserably, I know exactly how you feel.

The online tutorials usually seem quite simple, right? Fold, tuck, tie, wrap, and twirl; in that order and you’ll be set in 5 minutes. Then once you are alone with your mirror with only 10 minutes left before you have to jet out through the door, those seemingly easy steps became awfully complicated. 

Sometimes wrapping a turban or head wrap can feel like you’re solving an advanced math problem.

If you have a busy schedule or a handful of kids to take care of, this could be really annoying. You have little time to spend on yourself and absolutely no time for shenanigans.

But, hey, styling your head wraps and turbans doesn’t have to be a project for you.

So, what’s the hack that will change your head wrap game? It's pre-tied head wraps, sis! 

Pre-tied head wraps and turbans are the easiest and most elegant way to get that head wrap look you desire without much effort. Rocking pre-tied turbans can even eliminate the need for you to learn how to tie a turban. Plus, pre-tied turbans will make sure that you are able to get the same look over and over again.

You know what’s even better? Pre-tied turbans can effortlessly take you look to 100 in 30 seconds flat! No tying or wrapping involved, all you need do is to wear it like a hat.

Just follow the 3-step guide below to achieve a ready-to-go look, using a pre-tied turban.

Step 1:

Style your hair however you want it to be underneath the head wrap.


Step 2:

Grab your favorite pre-tied head wrap by Modest Fashion Mall (shameless plug) and place it on your head like a hat.


Step 3:

Tuck the head wrap down in the back to adjust the fit on your head.


Step 4:

Step out and slay.


Sis, pre-tied Head Wraps are a much needed hair accessory in your wardrobe!

These statement pieces are great for when you need to get out the door quickly, but you still want to protect your tresses and look stunning while you are at it.

You can choose to either tuck all your hair in, or wear your pre-tied with your hair loose. It’s your choice – any style you choose still rocks!


We’ve got you covered.


Until next time,
Have a blessed day ahead!
Mayowa O.

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