Braided Headwraps You Should Try Out This Season

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Braided Headwraps You Should Try Out This Season


Headwraps never go out of style. Whether you want to wear it small or go big; there is always a unique look to match any outfit. But what’s better than joining a fashion trend? Standing out, of course!

Modest Fashion Mall’s unique collection of braided headwraps will help you do just that. Our braided headwraps will not only set you apart, you’ll find yourself the center of attention.

Now you can cop these fashionable braided headwraps this season and create your own unique style.

Check out our Shirley Braided Headwrap.It is super fashionable and very easy to style. The braid attached to this headwrap makes it even more stylish, while also making it easy to wrap it around your head. That’s not all. It is also studded with shiny beads to add glam and sophistication to your look.

Above: The gorgeous Tiffanie J. models a beige Shirley Braided Headwrap


Worried about the volume of your hair not fitting into the headwrap? The material has a gentle stretch to it, giving you ample room for your hair.

What makes it an especially handy accessory in your wardrobe is that you don’t need any razzmatazz to style this headwrap. And it takes only about 2 minutes to achieve the look. All you need to get that stylish look you desire, is to wear the headwrap and then line up its braided flap in front of your head. Next, wrap the braid around your head and tuck it in at the back. Now you’re good to go. It’s that simple - no more hassle with your headwraps!

Check out our other practical and easy to style braided headwraps:

Whether you are in a rush, having a bad hair day or you are just not in the mood to try out different wrap styles until you achieve your desired outcome…look no further! These ready-to-wear braided headwraps are the perfect companions for your protective hair styling and a quick fix to a bad hair day.

Lali Headwrap

Above: The Lali Headwrap (get it here) comes in seven different colours


Whether you need a laid-back headwrap like the Hayden Basic Braided Headwrapand Rita Twist Braided Headwrap or you want to add glam to your outfit, we’ve got you.  From the classy Charlize Braided Headwrap and the Adrian Braided Flasher Headwrap to the Shantel Braided Headwrapwith a floral design attached to it, there are so many options to explore and experiment with.

These braided headwraps are a must-have in your closet. They are the perfect accessories that will give you maximum comfort and a great style, anytime, any day.

Mayowa O.

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Moyan Keita

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