How to match your head covering with the right accessory

December 15, 2018 2 min read

How to match your head covering with the right accessory

The color, texture, embossing, and finish of your head covering all play a huge part in how it blends with your outfit, and with the right accessory, you will elevate your outfit to the next level. You can choose from a variant of fashion accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and belts to complement your head covering. However, you should combine these accessories without looking like a disaster.

Whether you love to pull off a distinct style, you are inclined towards looking lush, or you prefer to stick with the tried and tested, here are some tips to make accessorizing your head covering easier and help you get your headwear game on point.


How to accessorize Turbans

Turbans are good fashion statement all year round. The beauty of this headwear is that it can be worn for any occasion. You can wear loop earrings for an informal occasion, but if you want to pull off a simple look, you can’t go wrong with studded earrings. You can’t also go wrong with a simple necklace to add style to your outfit. However, you should opt for subtle jewelry if your turban has some 3D embellishments on it.

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How to accessorizeHeadwraps

Head wraps add more volume to your head. So if you want to rightly match your head wrap with accessories, scale back on your accessories. Match it with simple accessories that won’t draw attention away from your headwrap or make your outfit look tacky. When you wear glasses, don’t wrap your headwear tightly around your ears. So your best bet is to wrap your scarf loosely around your head to wear your glasses comfortably throughout the day.

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There are also other things to look out for when accessorizing your head covering such as color and patterns.

Go for accessories with a color that matches closely with your headwear so you don’t create a contrasting look. If you are wearing a light pink turban, you can complement it with pink or rose-colored accessories or dark pink shoes and bag. This will add some funkiness to your style. If you are wearing a patterned headwear, pick a secondary color in your headwear and match it with your accessories.

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Neutral accessories also go well with bright head coverings. So if your turban or head wrap is extremely bright in color, choose a neutral color to offset it so you don’t look eccentric.

Nevertheless, don't be afraid to experiment. Your accessories can do a lot of talking you know. You can wear sandals or flat soles when you want to hang out with friends or some other informal occasions. Whatever your choice of head covering, if you are trying to achieve a formal look, less is better than more. Too many accessories will move attention away from your headwear. Use moderate jewelry, and go along with a simple clutch or small leather handbag instead of a bulky one.

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