How to match your makeup with your Head coverings

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How to match your makeup with your Head coverings

Nothing drips style like a head covering matched with the right makeup. No doubt that head coverings can give you that chic and elegant look you so desire, but if you want them even classier, then you should complement it with the perfect makeup. Matching your makeup with your head coverings is not only fun, but it’s also practically fail-safe!

You may seem at loss on how to coordinate shades and turban colors – should I wear contrast or matching colors, or should I just play it safe by not wearing much makeup at all. If you are looking for the perfect way to match your makeup with your head wrap, here are some tips and tricks to help you avoid a faux pas and also ensure you slay your look.

Black Head covering

Black is known to complement every color on the spectrum. So explore this when complimenting your makeup with your black fashion turban head wrap. Match your black head covering with bold eye looks. Lipstick is a showstopper anytime, any day. So make a statement with a bright colored lipstick so your look won’t look boring. While you’re at it, ensure your eyeshadow compliments your lipstick.

Modest Fashion Mall How to match your makeup with your Head coverings black head coverings

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White Head covering

For your white head covering, no need to fuss over contouring your face – a glowing face will be just fine. You can add a little drama around your eye by giving it a smoky eye effect or spice it up in shades of brown or plum. For an extra glow, you can apply highlighter on your forehead, cheekbone, nose, and chin. To cap it up, pop some color on your lips to get you ready for that occasion.

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Printed/Colored head covering

If your head covering has lots of colors, then you should go for a more subtle makeup. A bold shade on your face can prove to be a disaster. You can safely choose neutral eyeshadows like gold, soft pink, or beige and maybe a pretty pink lipstick. Ensure you keep your facial features minimal to complement your already colorful head covering.

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Even though head coverings can effortlessly compliment any shape of a face, there are still some makeup techniques that can make it better. Here are a few tips to tow you in the right direction:

For Round-Shaped Faces

Head coverings are generally flattering. Whether you are wearing bangs or a long or short hairdo, or you simply have a square or round face, turbans suit everyone. Turban gives a tighter fit and its triangular front gives the illusion that you have a round shape face. To reduce the round effect the turban gives, and create an illusion of length on your face, it is very important that you contour your face. Apply contour to your temples and beneath your jawline to make your face appear longer. You should also highlight your forehead, under your eyes and chin to draw attention to your face. Another trick in the bag is to apply blush beneath your cheekbones in upward strokes. This makeup for round face will define cheeks and give your face a slimming effect in your head wrap.

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For Oblong-Shaped Faces

Head wraps give more volume to your face, making it appear longer. So, to accentuate your look with a matching makeup for long shaped face, contour the top of your hairline, hollow of your cheekbones and under your jaw. This makeup style will add width to your long face. You can also add highlighter and use a colorful eye shadow, bold lashes and brows to draw attention to your face center and eyes and brows. 

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So to sum it up... Nothing screams self-confidence like a well-coordinated look. With these tips, you can swiftly transform a casual look in your turban to a more sophisticated look with a well-applied makeup.

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